How To Choose A Pregnancy Pillow

78% of pregnant women suffer from sleep disorders. Therefore, to ensure the quality of sleep , pregnant women have been looking for many supportive measures. In particular, choosing a pillow for a pregnancy pillow is the most concerned solution.

The closer the last months of pregnancy come, the more difficult for women to sleep, they can only lie on their side. So, a suitable, quality sleeping pillow will help mothers relax. Thanks to the pad, the mother will be relieved from back pain, muscle fatigue, blood flow easier. An appropriate pillow also helps pregnant women to avoid cramps.

Pregnant woman and pillow

Advantage Of Using A Pregnancy Pillow

The most significant benefit of this type of  pad is to bring a good night’s sleep for pregnant women. From the 20th week of pregnancy, some parts of the body start to ache. The rapid increase in body weight puts pressure on the back of the hips and legs, causing these parts to ache. This is also the time to use a dedicated pillow. Pregnant pillows give pregnant women the small-but-quality benefits.

Pillow helps you to have a better sleep.

Pillows designed based on the shape of the pregnant woman, support for support, help reduce discomfort, thus letting pregnant women sleep better. During pregnancy, the most painful part is the waist. If you have a sleeping pillow, pregnant women will be relieved from back pain considerably.

As late as pregnancy, pregnant women should maintain a recumbent sleeping position. According to experts, this posture helps blood circulation to the placenta. However, with regular pillows, lying all night will be quite uncomfortable. So the pillow will help the woman more comfortable when lying in this position

Types Of Pregnancy Pillows

This type of pillow is often used in the second trimester because it provides support for the spine, which helps relieve hip and back pain.

There are three common types of pillows:

J-shaped Pillow

J-shaped pillow is compactly designed so it does not take up much space; it is suitable for pregnant women who prefer simplicity and ideal for the small bed area. This type of pillow is suitable for pregnant women with a habit of sleeping on their side, not lying on their backs.

According to the evaluation of some mothers who have used J-pillows, this type of pillow is ideal for pregnant women because the pad does not support the whole body when pregnant.

C-shaped Pillow

Pillows are designed in the shape of the letter C (also like the number 9) compact, occupying less bed area. With a balanced design, when pregnant women hold a pillow to sleep will feel sure and less likely to move when sleeping.

C-shaped pillows support the head, legs and back or abdomen so pregnant women will have a good sleeping position and enjoy a comfortable sleep.

The drawback of a C-shaped pregnancy pillow is that it is only suitable for any mother or prone position because it is difficult to lie on her back.

On the other hand, when a pregnant woman lays her back on the C-arc, her abdomen is not supported and will require an extra pillow. If lying on the opposite side, her  back is not supported, causing back pain.

U-shape Pillow

U-shaped pregnancy pillow can be said to be the most comprehensive of the three categories. U-shaped pillows help support the whole body for pregnant mothers, from the head, neck, shoulders, back, hips to the abdomen and legs.

U-shaped pillows are the type of pillows that most moms choose most because, with U-shaped pillows, pregnant women can lie on their backs, on their sides, turn right and left, so they are very comfortable because they have lift the women on both sides.

The only downside of the U-shaped pillow is that it is bigger than the two C-shaped and J-shaped pads, so it occupies more bed area.

In Conclusion

Sleep is very important for pregnant women, so choose a good pillow assistant.  The support from the pillow will help pregnant women have a deep sleep, and they will not wake up several times during the night due to certain discomforts.

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