7 Tips to Make Your Mattress Firmer

An old mattress can make you lose sleep at night because you cannot get a comfortable sleeping position. Moreover, it can also make you wake up tired when morning comes . So, to have a good sleep, you need to look for a mattress that is firm enough to support your body. 

However, the mattress you buy  can be too soft or no longer firm after a few months of use. If you are in this problem, let’s check out these seven tips to make your mattress firmer. 

1. Give Your Mattress A Solid Surface

The most useful thing you can do maintain your mattress’s firmness is to support its structure. 

Well, a boxspring is a high solid surface to assist your mattress. Also, it would help if you pay attention to  the shape and age of the box spring. If it is not sturdy enough, you may have to change it for others. 

Besides, if your mattress is a foam one, you need to ditch all boxspring together. This will help to create a flat and stable surface that can support the weight of the foam mattress. 

Moreover, a platform bed or a slat foundation can also help your mattress firmer. In any case, these can be more stable and solid than a bouncier boxspring. 

Finally, you can also make the mattress firmer by putting plywood in between the mattress and the bed foundation. This is extremely helpful for  a foam mattress, as they always need a more solid foundation.

2. Try A Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers are  known to make your bed softer. However, in some cases, the topper can help to support your mattress. Well, a topper that made of memory foam, polyurethane, and latex can give you a firmer mattress.  

Also, you are advised to choose a topper for 2 inches or a thinker. Also, if you buy a latex topper, you should check the ILD (impression load deflection). he higher the number of ILD is, the firmer the mattress topper is.

3. Turn Down The Thermostat in Your Bedroom

If you have a foam mattress, you can make it firmer by decreasing the temperature in your room. The cold temperature can maintain the firmness of your mattress.

So, keep it in mind to  cool down your room for about two hours before going to bed!

4. Flip Your Mattress

There are a lot of mattresses you can use on both sides. So, you can occasionally rotate it during your time sleeping on it . Flipping your bed helps to reduce bumps and lumps. As a result, it will remain firm. 

You should do this every six months to ensure that you will get the result you want 

5. Keep Bedding Flat and Smooth

Another way  to make your mattress firmer is to use a sheet. Also, using a sheet that is fixed with your mattress is always the best. 

To enhance the firmness of your mattress , everything you need to do is to cover your mattress completely, then press down on it. 

6. Put Your Bed Under The Sunlight

Your mattress can be softer once it absorbs  moisture from the air. So, to prevent this, you need to put your mattress or bed in the sun and dry it out for the day. 

This not only helps to make your mattress firmer but also kills the  mold, germs, and bacteria living on the bed. 

7. Place Your Mattress On The Floor

Putting your mattress on the floor is also an excellent tip to make your mattress firmer. This can be the ultimate method  if all the above suggestions do not work for your mattress. 

This way is also useful, however, your mattress can be stained by dust, bugs, and dirt. 

If you still want to place your mattress on the floor, you should use a mosquito-net. 


As previously mentioned, there are a lot of methods to maintain the firmness of your mattress. In my opinion, the best way is to give the mattress a solid surface. However, depending on the type of your mattress, you can apply the other methods.  

I hope that my article can give you a hand ! Good luck!